Goddess on a normal day.

                                                                   Goddess + Mauve Ice LipSense 

                                                                  Goddess + Mauve Ice LipSense 

The best thing about my LOB (Long Bob) is that days where I have un-styled, second day, messy mom hair....it still doesn't look half bad!!

Goddess LipSense® is one of my favorite shades - it has the slightest purple huge that is gorgeous on everyone!

I'm channeling my inner goddess today even though it's a Tuesday,  these pictures aren't in focus,  I have loads of laundry to do, and dishes piled high in the sink! 


Sometimes you just gotta throw in the weird pictures....why? Because learning to be free by not caring so much is something we should practice all the time! 

We all have fun, silly, goofy sides in us and we need to let those air out publicly sometimes! 


Happy Tuesday!

Mallory DeMers