What is LipSense?

What is LipSense? 

LipSense® is a liquid lip color that is worn in three layers so you can create your own custom color by combining colors from over 70 shades. The options don’t stop there. There are also 11 kinds of glosses that each give a different tint, glitter, or shine.

Why People Love LipSense: 

 LipSense - Kiss Proof

Your LipSense-

-Stays on for up to18 hours!

-kiss-proof/smear-proof/won’t rub off or transfer

-a mechanical shield from the sun






-contains no animal bi-products


-made in the USA



How does your LipSense work?

    Your LipSense molecularly bonds to your lips. It is NOT a stain that is going to soak into your skin and seep into your blood stream, and it is NOT a lipstick that spreads lead onto your lips that you ingest as you eat throughout the day. LipSense creates a bond that works as a mechanical shield from the sun, and the moisturizing Shea Butter and Vitamin E gloss that you put on top of it seals the color to protect its wear time and also moisturizes your lips and repairs the damage those waxy, lead-based lip products have done to your skin.

Your LipSense is made with pure pigments, natural botanicals, and uses SD40 Alcohol as the delivery system for the color. SD40 Alcohol is thinner than water to help disperse the color pigments and also helps with dry time, since SD40 alcohol dissipates quickly and leaves only the color in place. FUN FACT:  SD40 Alcohol also keeps the product bacteria free for the life of the LipSense tube! So no more throwing out your lip products after you get a cold. Or, better yet, no more re-infecting yourself with your cold because you DIDN’T throw out your lip products.

Lipsense How to apply


Apply 3 coats of your LipSense to clean, dry lips by pressing and gliding the product onto the top and bottom lips from corner to corner, making sure to put the product everywhere you want it to go an with your lips apart, leaving 5-10 seconds of drying time between layers. The reason for this method is that while being applied the SD40 Alcohol is depositing the color, which dries tacky and your lips can’t rub the color around to your lips so you’ll have to “draw on” the color (which is why it is liquid with a doe foot applicator for easy application). You can even use the tip of the applicator to line your lips, or use the precise smaller brush of the LinerSense (also awesome, and also available for order in 6 different versatile colors). Once the color is applied you may apply the gloss any way you like, which is the lip moisturizer. If your lips are dry and tingly, the gloss will feel like putting lotion on cracked, dry hands; instant relief and a gorgeous, silky, conditioned feel.

Once on your LipSense will last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours. The huge range is because its wear time is dependent on the PH of your body. Because it is a molecular bond, your body’s PH level breaks it down over the day, but the average wearing time is 6 – 8 hours. I get between 6-9 on average because I eat oily foods and have a pretty average PH level. You will not need to reapply the LipSense but you will need to keep re-applying LipSense gloss throughout the day, especially if you are ew to LipSense and your lips are extra dry. Your lips will tell you when they need more moisture. Because of the very large difference in dryness from one person’s lips to the next, how long a tube of gloss differs depending on the person. However, 1 tube of LipSense will last 4 – 6 months on average if you use it every day. This is pretty awesome considering a normal tube of conventional lipstick, if worn and reapplied every day will last 1-2 months.

It is important to remember that your LipSense must be worn with the gloss, and ONLY SeneGence® glosses. The long-lasting, patented formula is in the color, and the color would stay on without the gloss, but the gloss is what provides the moisture. There is no moisture in the color itself.  It is a system that works together. The formula that repairs, heals, and moisturizes is in the gloss and the 4-18 hour color technology is in the LipSense color.

If your lips tingle when you first put on your LipSense, don’t panic, it is not an allergic reaction! This just means your lips are dehydrated from using other waxy, drying lip products. Your skin is damaged and the nerve endings are exposed, causing the tingling or burning sensation. STAY CALM AND…APPLY LIPSENSE! Keep the faith in the LipSense, glosses, and lip balm to repair your damaged lips and to shield them from further damage. If you use only these products and stay away from waxy products your lips will heal, peel (like when you get a sunburn), and finally they will be moisturized, plump, happy, and beautiful! Of all the beautiful glosses, Glossy Gloss is the most moisturizing because it has the most Vitamin E and Shea Butter in its formula.

Mallory DeMers